Bay Area Drug Crimes Lawyer

Mr. Harwood defends clients charged with the possession, sale, transportation, cultivation or manufacture of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescriptions, LSD, ecstasy, steroids, and others.

Mr. Harwood's first priority in your drug case is to get the charges dismissed or reduced. He is an attorney who knows how to recognize possible illegalities in police searches or conduct.  Also, in many cases that are charged as possession for sale or transportation for sale, Mr. Harwood can negotiate with the prosecution to have them reduced to simple possession charges.  This may allow a client to walk away with drug treatment instead of prison. 

When a client gets into trouble with the law because of drugs, Mr. Harwood knows how important it is to address the abuse and dependency issues. He has extensive experience with alternatives to jail and prison, including Penal Code section 1000 diversion, Proposition 36 probation, and Drug Court.  Mr. Harwood can evaluate your situation to determine if these are available, or if another form of rehabilitation would be more appropriate.

Medical Marijuana Defense

If you have been charged with marijuana cultivation, marijuana possession, or marijuana transportation and you have a medical marijuana defense, it is critical that you hire an attorney who has experience with this constantly changing and complicated area of criminal law.  California law allows patients with a doctor’s recommendation to possess, procure, transport, and cultivate marijuana for their medical needs.  It also allows qualified caregivers to provide marijuana to patients.

Asset Forfeiture Defense

Many parts of California have also seen an explosion recently in the government's use of "asset forfeiture" laws, in both state and federal courts. If the government is threatening to seize money or other assets from you because of alleged criminal activity Mr. Harwood can help. However, time is not on your side. Call for a free confidential consultation today!

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