Bay Area Domestic Violence (DV) Lawyer

If you have been charged in the Bay Area or Mendocino County with Domestic Violence Battery, Inflicting Injury on a Spouse or Cohabitant, Criminal Treats, child abuse or any other domestic violence offense, it is critical that you obtain legal representation immediately. 

In California, tens of thousands of domestic violence cases are filed by district attorneys every year.  Many of those cases have merit. However, many innocent people are falsely accused of domestic violence.  Often, an alleged victim of domestic violence gives an immediate statement to police that is based on heat-of-the-moment emotion, not calm and rational reflection.  Police often form their conclusions based on these one-sided and irrational statements, without even listening to what the accused has to say. 

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are several, and can affect you for the rest of your life.  In a misdemeanor case, you can be sentenced to county jail for up to one year.  In a felony case, you can be sent to state prison.  You can be subject to a criminal protective order.  This can cause you to go to jail, even if the protected party contacts you.  If you are granted probation, California law requires that you complete a one year batterer’s treatment program.  This requires weekly attendance.  Between court fines and fees, and the costs of the treatment program, a domestic violence conviction could end up costing you thousands of dollars.  Also, the stigma of a domestic violence conviction could affect child custody proceedings, and prevent you from getting a job in the future.

Winning a successful outcome in your domestic violence case requires immediate action.  Call for a free initial consultation today!

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